...The Vertex 6.5, 7.5, and 8 come standard with our original (2008) Versa-port.  The Versa-port takes the place of
a fixed stove boot, and allows you to remove and replace your stove boot. This is very convenient if you use
multiple stoves with different pipe sizes, and provides easy replacement of worn or torn boots.  

In addition to accepting stove boots, the Versa-port can also be quickly fitted with an eyebrow cover for excellent
venting at the peak, the highest point in the tent, where it is most effective.  In 2010 we added 2 new colors, Tan
and Forest Green.  

Still going ... No price increase for 2018  ...... You can still get the same high quality TiGoat tent at 2006 pricing.  
Materials,  delivery costs, labor, overhead .... Everything has gone up...   But at TiGoat we continue to work
smarter, and get better, so there hasn't been a price increase on TiGoat Vertex Tents for 12 years running.
Fabric: 1.1oz (1.3oz after coating) USA made
silicone coated nylon, with coated reinforcing peak and
peg patches.  Colors: Grey, Tan, and Forest Green

Zippers: #8 YKK coil zippers. These are
perfectly matched to the weight of the fabric
and are not prone to leaking.

Stitching: All body seams are flat felled and
multi-stitched. Tent perimeters, and all reinforcing patches
are taped and multi-stitched.

All tents are proudly sewn in our Ogden, Utah shops by
experienced personnel on industrial machines.
Standard Features:
-Clothes line
-High quality aluminum pole and stakes
-Truly Conical, "pole forward" design  
-Full length door zipper
-Internal & External peak loops
-Door vent
-Versa-port (reinforced peak patch)
-Comes with Eyebrow cover or Stove Boot
-Lower rear vent system
-Self equalizing guy outs (2)

You have the ability to drop the weight of your
tent, or make it even more versatile with our
carbon fiber poles.