... The Raven Omni has new bottom fabric...
The top is made from Aspen Green Impetus 1.1 --- 15d x 15d silicone treated fabric that is highly
water repellent and breathable.  The bottom is Ripstop 30d x 30d waterproof nylon fabric that is
silicone coated.  

The tub floor has no seams running vertical to the interface with the top fabric, which means no
seam sealing is required in the floor.  The hood portion of the Raven is also articulated in the
same fashion as the floor for improved movement, room, and comfort. The Raven stands out
from the Ptarmigan, in that it is a bit longer, and has a larger foot girth to accommodate larger
inflatable pads, such as the Neo air. The other way that it stands apart from the Ptarmigan, is
that its "Omni" zip runs continuously from hip, to shoulder, to opposite shoulder, to opposite hip.
When bug net is sewn in, the Omni zip becomes a left or right side zip, running from hip to
opposite shoulder... It will function as either a right or left side zip, which ever works best for you
... it's both.
-Articulated hood
-One piece, articulated, seamless floor
-Loop to pull hood fabric off your face
-Accommodates inflatable pads
-Continuous Hip to Hip zipper
-Two way #3 zipper
-30d x 30d  Bottom
-Impetus 1.1 Top (Aspen Green)

- Full no-see-um bug net hood
- See Below

Size: 76" chest girth, 60" foot girth,
92" length. Will fit long winter bags.

Weight: 8 ounces for bivy, 8.2
ounces with stuff sack

Price:   $135

.... Out of Stock ....
email: info@titaniumgoat.com
Raven with Full Bug Net Hood:  
The full no-see-um bug net hood option gives you full airy
bug protection, and allows you to go with just the net
hood, no hood at all, or a combination of the fabric hood
and net hood. The zippered entry is located  on the bottom
zipper line of the fabric hood zipper, and has a loop to pull
the netting off your face.  

- Same as Standard Raven
- Bug Net Hood Adds 1oz

 Price:  $155   ....  Out of Stock ....
Fabric Hood rolled back