The " Hard Anodized " double walled mKettle is here!  This new version has a beautiful and
durable deep rich grey colored finish inside and out.  Meets British Standard ISO10074:2010.  
The mKettle has been well tested in the field and recommended by outdoor enthusiasts who are
used to cycling, canoing, camping, or backpacking light where weight, size, and function are
critical.  Read more here:
Composition:   Hard Anodized Aluminium
Weight:             370g (13 oz)
Capacity:          530 ml (18 oz) About 1 Pint
Dimensions:   17cm (7”) Tall by 10cm (4”) Wide
Pack:                Fitted Rip Stop Nylon Carry Bag with D-Rings
Fuel:                  Solid, Eco-friendly, No Gas-canisters Required!
Boil time:         About Six to Ten Minutes, Six if you are good!
Transport:       Use Stopper to Carry Water
Storage:          Space for Matches Fire Starter inside Firebase
Origin:              mKettle, Nylon Bag, and Neoprene Sleeve all Made In the UK

Price:              Regular price $70 ...  On Sale for $60 ...
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